Are you one of those people who is overly empathetic? Do you feel like you cannot ignore other people’s feelings? Is there an urge in you that wants to help the people around you? Then you might be an empath — which is a gift that can be used for the benefit of yourself and others around you!

Read on to learn about how to become an empath by turning your sensitivity and empathy into a superpower and elevating the lives of others!  

What is an Empathic Shaman? 

An empath is someone who can feel empathy for others more than most people do. They can easily recognize someone’s feelings even before it’s expressed out loud. They are faster and more accurate when it comes to detecting other people’s emotions. 

Researchers have found several signs that empaths have in common. These signs show that empaths are:

  • More likely to help a stranger who’s in distress
  • Faster and more accurate at detecting other people’s feelings
  • Able to feel and relate to other people’s pain
  • More likely to try new things to experience other people’s perspectives
  • Able to copy someone’s feelings and actions unintentionally
  • Less likely to feel and act aggressively

If you feel like you are an empath and want to use your gifts to help others better, keep on reading to learn more about how you can improve your life and expand your empathy through shaman training or simply joining our mentorship program!  

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Understanding What It Means to be a Highly Sensitive Empath

Being a highly sensitive empath means that you feel more than just empathy for other people. For instance, when you see someone feeling sad or in pain, not only can you relate but you also feel the same emotions as if they were your own. 

Characteristics or Traits of an Empath

Empaths are known to have a reliable gut feeling/intuition. Since they are highly sensitive to their environment and people around them, they can sense things even before they surface and act on them whether they are positive or negative. 

Empaths love being in nature. Nature is a calming place for empaths. The peace in nature helps empaths to release the stress and overwhelming emotions that they collect during their time with other people. It helps them recharge and clear their minds as well as their emotions. 

Empaths love their alone time. Crowded places are not the best places to be for empaths. Due to their sensitivity to other people’s feelings, while in crowded places, empaths may feel overwhelmed with too many different emotions. 

Building romantic relationships could be difficult for highly sensitive empaths as intimacy can be overwhelming. Spending lots of time with one person can cause empaths to feel anxious and stressed. 

Empaths cannot simply stop caring. As mentioned before, empaths do not feel for others but they feel with them, which means there’s no off switch. Being a sensitive empath means that it can be difficult not to care or have empathy for others even though they’ve wronged you or hurt you. 

How It Looks to Others

Empaths are usually considered to be very good at listening and trying to help those around them. As an empath, you might be treated like a counselor by others around you because they can feel that you are empathetic to their issues and can understand them better than others. 

It can be difficult for an average person to relate to how an empath feels so empaths are usually considered to be “too sensitive” or “loners”. Therefore empaths may be perceived as introverts since they seek solitude to recharge their energy.

Common issues empaths deal with

Sometimes empaths might be feeling physically ill due to soaking up all of the feelings of others. They may suffer from empathetic suppression which may cause binge or under-eating, emotional eating, addictions, or cause them to avoid people or situations. 

Most empaths have the following symptoms when suffering from empathetic suppression:

  • Frequent feelings of being overwhelmed and anxious
  • Feeling like they don’t fit in
  • Feeling drained in crowds and seeking alone time
  • Feeling overstimulated by smells, noises, and non-stop talkers
  • Emotional binge-eating to deal with stress
  • Avoiding intimate relationships
  • Tendency to socially isolate
  • Finding peace in nature
  • Absorbing other people’s stress, emotions, and other symptoms
  • Preferring smaller groups to a big group of friends
  • Preferring smaller cities or the countryside to big cities

How Can It Be Used To Help Others?

Empaths can help those around them with their gift in a number of ways.

Empath as an Informal Counselor

As mentioned earlier, empaths are often treated like counselors by the people around them. The empathetic aura of an empath causes others to feel closer to the empath and they might dump their problems on you, looking for your guidance. 

And it’s not just the people that you know and are close to. Sometimes random people that you see on a bus or a plane might start talking about their problems to you! Sometimes you can avoid it and sometimes you can’t so developing counseling skills could be helpful so that you are not overwhelmed by the experience. 

Empath as the Friend Who Listens Really Well

Empaths are known to have smaller groups of close friends. But even those that you don’t consider to be close to you, may think the opposite! You can learn to use your sensitivity to other people’s emotions as a helpful trait.

If you are passionate about aiding others, being an empath is a great gift. You can learn to control your emotions while interacting with others and be the compassionate listener and friend that you are!

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How to set boundaries as an Empath

If you are willing to use your sensitivity to help others, it’s important to set boundaries. It’s not easy to be able to feel all sorts of emotions at the same time so you will need some time to yourself. And of course, there can be some topics that you are not comfortable with or people that drain the life out of you so it’s crucial for you to know your boundaries so that you won’t end up feeling burnt out. 

Think about what are some of the things you are good at? For example, listening, guiding, coaching and giving advice and then  set your boundaries around the things that you want to do while helping others. 

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Understanding What It Means to Unlock Your Full Empathic Self

Unlocking your full potential as an empath means learning to understand  what makes being an empath a gift. Essentially, diving deep into what it really means to be an empath, the benefits and disadvantages of it, and recognizing your powers. 

What to Look for In A Training Course

Shamanic training and other empathy enhancement techniques will help you accept and embrace your gifts and utilize them the way you want. If you’re feeling lost or unable to describe how you feel, the training will aid you in identifying your feelings and your external feelings so you can better achieve a balance.  

While looking for a training course — online or in person — there are various factors to consider. If you’re planning to take an in-person training course, it’s important to schedule an appointment beforehand to make sure that you’re comfortable with the coach. 

Here are some of the factors a training course to build empathy should include:

  • Understanding what it means to be an empath: The course you take should identify all means of being an empath and leave no questions unanswered.
  • Different types of empaths: What kind of an empath are you?
  • Living as an empath: Learning your daily struggles as an empath and finding ways to improve your life.  
  • Strengths and weaknesses of an empath: Every empath is unique so you need to learn your strengths and weaknesses to improve your skills and overall state of mind.
  • Powerful exercises and meditations to elevate your life as an empath.

At Clinical Shaman, we provide full courses and memberships and now offer them as a part of a mentorship program for stronger foundational growth.

Join our mentorship today and benefit from the Empowered & Equipped Empath program to thrive as an empath!

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