Energy is everything. We may not see it with our eyes but we definitely feel it all the time. Let it be a good song, a sports match, or a great movie, they are all generally described as being energetic because of the way they make us feel. 

Sometimes you get the feeling that you’ve known someone for forever although you’ve only met them recently, and sometimes you just can’t stand some people for no good reason. 

It is all about energy. 

Energy flows within us, it keeps us whole. Everyone has their own unique energy, right? But if your energy is disrupted or blocked in some way, it can cause physical and emotional symptoms. 

This is where the energy healing comes to our aid. 

Energy healing is a type of healing in which the energy flow in the body is managed with the aim of either restoring or balancing. Energy healing is an umbrella term that includes different types of therapies. 

In this article, we will talk about 5 different types of energy healing that will help you achieve optimal wellness in your life! You can also contact us for further information or join our mentorship program

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Biofield Energy Healing: Healing from the Inside Out

This uses the body’s biological energy fields, or “biofields,” to improve wellness through a practice that combines some of the insights of western, conventional medicine with older, holistic practices.

Biofield energy therapists have an energetic world view in which they need to surrender to the universal energy while creating a therapeutic connection with the client who is an active agent in the healing process. This understanding has the potential to change our assumptions about biofield energy healing

Here are some of the biofield energy healing methods that can help you achieve optimal wellness, inside and out. 

Spiritual Healing

Focuses on the aura or vibration of a client to raise their overall wellness and health. Spiritual healing is not a religious practice. It’s not healing with faith. In fact, the word spiritual derives from the Latin word spiritus which means the breath of life. 

When we say spiritual, we refer to the spiritual energy working at a deep level on our spiritual being. Spiritual healing involves the transferring of energies. It’s not about transferring energy from one person to another, it’s about the practitioner connecting with the universal energy to channel healing for the body, mind, and spirit.

Wanna go a little deeper?

Energy healing is one of the key pieces of the Clinical Shaman’s toolkit. At the Clinical Shaman, we bridge the gap between spiritual healing, alternative and conventional medicines and bring it all together in a single practice for those in our mentorship program. Join to learn more.

Spiritual healing as a practice may include the following:

  • Universal energy to be directed on purpose.
  • It raises the spiritual vibrations of the person that is focused on.
  • Spiritual vibrations improve general well-being and allow one’s highest nature to unfold.
  • For optimal wellness, one will need repeated sessions.
  • When people have ailments, it’s common for them to experience a lack of energy, therefore spiritual healing will restore the energy that one is missing. 
  • It usually takes 6-8 sessions to make improvements especially for those who suffer from long-term conditions.


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Pranic Healing

Pranic healing is a healing method that uses the body’s life force also known as prana to heal the body’s energy. This healing method believes that the body can heal itself working with aura to recognize breakage in the energy flow. 

Just like other holistic healing methods, pranic healing is also used in conjunction with traditional medicine and is known to help with ailments such as migraines, fevers, muscle pain, stomach ache, and cough along with mental and emotional problems. 

Pranic healing has 6 steps to follow, according to this blog. These steps are:

  1. Cleansing of negative thoughts and emotions 
  2. Pranic breathing
  3. Manipulation of the energy that surrounds the body
  4. Aura cleansing 
  5. Meditation
  6. Mentalphysics exercises and Tibetan Yoga

Reiki Healing: Using Subtle Energies to Foster Wellness

Reiki is a method of healing that is generally used along with traditional medicine. Reiki is used in relieving ailments such as flu, colds, stomach problems, anxiety, and depression. 

The underlying belief in reiki is to transfer energy back into the body to help the healing process. It is performed by either no-touch or mild-touch methods followed by spiritual practices. Reiki aims to balance the body’s energy. 

It is known to be similar to pranic healing but there’s a difference. Pranic healing is more focused on energizing and cleansing the body while reiki focuses on channeling divine energy back into the body. 

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Polarity Energy

A more holistic practice that combines touch, exercise, and nutrition to restore the balance in the distribution of the body’s energy is polarity energy therapy

It encourages personal transformation as it enables you to look inside and see what pain or stress or diseases you might be carrying. It allows you to access and unwind the root causes of the physical and emotional symptoms you might be experiencing. It also provides the client with reflective listening and verbal communication. 

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Shamanic healing includes energy healing as well, which means practicing shamans will benefit from learning these methods! Here at Clinical Shaman, we offer a monthly mentorship that allows you to take in sacred shamanic knowledge along with various healing techniques. Join us today to learn how to use shamanic healing processes today! 

CTA: Clinical Shaman offers mentorship through a monthly membership to build your energy healing prowess. Learn more here.

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