Good vibes. Something just, you know, feeling right.

You may not be aware of the energy all around us, but you have definitely felt it. It’s there in special places or electric moments, like a well done film climax or listening to your favorite song. 

Don’t they often describe these things as being “high energy” or being “energetic” in a way that has nothing to do with physical vigor or electricity?

What is this word doing in these contexts then? And what does it have to do with healing?

The term “energy healing” may feel like a new term, but the truth is that this kind of wellness practice has been around for centuries and is found in a range of techniques that people rely on today for their health. 

Chiropractic therapy, acupuncture — these are just a couple of the examples where energy work is applied to promote physical wellness. This is one of the oldest forms of medicine. It’s influence across the broader spectrum of healing disciplines is seen in a wide variety of places.

Just as it can be applied, it can also be taught by energy healing instructors like those found at Clinical Shaman. This is a rich, storied discipline that has history as well as a range of applications and outcomes. 

A trained energy healer has the potential to play a key role in the wellness of those around them.

We’ll cover some of that history and the methodologies in this blog and show how you too can deepen your contribution to the world as an energy healer.

What is Healing Energy? How Does It Work?

So, we may already know what energy is—the feeling of a person or place, “vibes”—but what is healing energy?

Let’s talk more in depth and offer some examples. But first, start with the second word in that term: energy.

It’s been a long time since we were all in a high school physics class, but you’ll remember learning back then that all things in the universe from the stars to the stairs are all made up of tiny parts known as atoms and molecules. 

Everything whole, everything that looks like a single unit, is a collection of particles that at their core are held together by energy.

In them, we can see attraction, vibration and all the subtle things that make up life as you and I experience it at the personal level.

Throughout human history, different cultures have arrived at this discovery and used it in distinct ways. The ancient Hindi texts have described the seven Chakras as focal points for the body’s energy. In Chinese medicine, the meridians are an apt analogy; these are points where energy is concentrated and channeled that can be targeted in acupuncture.

Shamanic healing also deals with energy, albeit in a distinct way. While the schools of thought above address other elements that they see as connected to energy—penetrating the skin to changing an energy dynamic as in acupuncture, for example—shamnic healing deals directly with energy harnessing, expelling it or drawing it as the healer sees fit. 

This is a kind of energy healing that does not deal with an intermediary but rather directly with the thing itself.

Hopefully this quick explainer was helpful in understanding what energy is and how it’s used in healing. Let’s move to see more of the examples and applications.

What Forms of Energy Healing Therapy Are There? 

People are now a lot more interested in alternative treatments as concern increases about the side effects of modern medications and treatment methods.  

There are numerous forms of energy healing techniques so let’s explore some of the more common therapies.  


Benefit acupuncture session

Acupuncture is an ancient therapeutic technique and plays an important role in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

The practice of acupuncture has become a popular complementary and alternative therapy used by certified clinical practitioners. 

TCM works on the premise that the body has over 2,000 acupuncture points connected with meridians. Acupuncturists use very fine, metallic needles to stimulate these points. 

The pathways between acupuncture points create the body’s energy flow known as ‘Qi’ or ‘Ch’i’. This energy is responsible for overall health and if blocked or disrupted, it results in illness. 

Acupuncture aims to balance this energy, improve the movement of ‘Ch’i’ and improve overall health. 

Reiki Healing

Reiki patients professional healers session

Reiki is a type of Japanese healing during which the therapist gently lays their hands on or above a patient’s body to improve the flow of energy. 

Studies by the National Institutes of Health, 1.2 million adults and 161,000 children in the U.S have had a Reiki treatment session. 

Reiki is a combination of the Japanese words, ‘rei’, meaning higher power, and ‘ki’ which means life spirit or force. Together, they can be translated into ‘spiritually guided life force energy’. 

It is a spiritual form of therapy that is used to improve emotional wellbeing, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and help with insomnia.  

Pranic Healing 

Pranic healing is a combination of traditional healing methods that use prana to treat illnesses. Prana is the Sanskrit word meaning life-giving force, which is simply energy. 

Pranic healing is based on the scientific premise that energy cannot be created or destroyed, and can only be transformed from one form to another. 

This means negative energy can be transformed into positive energy – anxiety into peace, sickness into health, and poverty into wealth.      

Pranic healing techniques work in three steps:

  • Checking — Becoming aware of the aura or chakras around the human body and looking for abnormalities
  • Cleansing — Removing diseased energy from the body to clear blockages. 
  • Replenishing — Healthy bodies have an abundance of prana, so by tapping into the well of universal energy, you can increase your prana and heal illnesses.   

By learning how to scan these energies, you are able to determine where there are disruptions or blockages.  

Crystal Healing 

Crystals healing energy

Crystals have long been championed for their mystical healing powers. Crystal practitioners work on Einstein’s theory of E=MC2.

This means that everything has an energy and moves at a different frequency and vibration — including crystals. 

When humans come into contact with something that has a similar vibration, but at a higher frequency, our own frequency rises to a higher level. This results in more energy and better health. 

Crystals have been used to relieve anxiety which is caused by being ungrounded – lacking the knowledge of self existence. Grounding stones create a sense of balance that calms the mind. 

Some stones that could help alleviate anxiety and stress include agate, smokey quartz, red jasper, and shungite. 


Person qigong slow movements

The origins of Qigong predate recorded history and formed the basis of early Chinese medicine. 

The word Qigong is a combination of the Chinese word for life force, ‘Qi’, and ‘Gong’ meaning practice over time or cultivation. 

It is a wellness practice that combines controlled breathing, meditation, and gentle physical movement. 

It consists of three main activities, mainly:

  • Practicing mindfulness: A heightened awareness of the present moment. 
  • Correcting the body’s alignment: Awareness of the body’s position in space, movement, posture, balance, and orientation. 
  • Deep breathing: Slow, deep, diaphragmatic breathing to induce a relaxation response. 

Qidong works to optimize the circulation of oxygen, hence delivering the necessary nutrients to body tissues. 

It also helps regulate the heart rate, blood pressure as well as reduce tension in the body.  

What Scientific Studies Have Been Conducted on Energy Healing?

Unlike modern medical research where a lot of money is spent in the development of drugs, holistic and alternative therapies are yet to catch up. 

There are however studies that have shown the benefits of energy healing on patients and some skeptics may begin to become believers. 

One such study found that ten minutes of energy healing treatment improved the range of motion for those with mobility issues. It was found to be as effective as physical therapy and can be studied in an electromyography lab. 

Wellness treatments such as Qigong have gained popularity after being proven to be a beneficial type of exercise, especially for the elderly. 

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends Qigong training as part of their neuromotor exercise training. 

A 2019 review found that Qigong, as well as Tai Chi, work as a primary form of intervention for balance training and fall prevention. 

Research has also shown these two exercises offer benefits such as improved bone health, increased immune function, cancer management, and control of pulmonary diseases and Parkinson’s disease. 

Acupuncture is one of the few forms of alternative medicine that has been widely researched and findings documented. 

It is accepted by researchers that acupuncture can help manage certain pain conditions including:

  • Upper & lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Knee pain
  • Headaches

Although not conclusive, it may also help alleviate symptoms associated with cancer treatments as well as help to manage depression. 

A study on the effects of acupuncture on women going through menopause showed that vasomotor symptoms reduced by up to 36.7%. 

These included night sweats, hot flashes, changes in blood pressure, and heart palpitations. Participants also reported better quality of sleep and reduced anxiety.  

While these studies go to show the positive effects energy healing can have, there needs to be more rigorous, and documented research. 

This will give people the confidence to seek energy healers, or learn how to practice energy healing themselves. 

Who Can Benefit From Energy Healing? What Can It Treat? 

Energy therapy treat back ache

The ultimate aim of energy treatment is to correct defects in the flow of energy in a patient and induce a physical self-healing process. 

It may be easier to accept that these treatments can help with spiritual and mental issues, but can they help alleviate a physical disease? 

Energy healing practitioners take a holistic approach to illness and disease. Many believe that physical symptoms are often a way for the body to communicate. By manipulating the different types of energy, they can help fix various ailments. 

One of the main areas that energy healing has been applied to is the alleviation of pain. The most common of these are shoulder, back, and hip pain. 

Reiki is known to reduce fatigue, and some cancer treatment centers are using it to mitigate the effects of cancer-related fatigue

Up to 90% of doctor’s visits can be attributed to stress but manifest themselves in different ways. Some of these include: 

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain
  • Skin disorders
  • Hypertension 

The stress hormones – adrenaline and cortisol – are supposed to only be released as a fight or flight response. 

Constant stress however floods the body with these hormones and they take a toll on the body, causing medical problems. 

It is therefore easy to conclude that by reducing stress levels, many of these illnesses can be avoided or be minimized. 

Energy therapies are ideal for inducing deep relaxation that often results in reduced stress levels and feelings of anxiety. 

How Can I Access My Powers as a Practitioner of Energy Healing? 

Access powers energy healing

Everyone has the ability to access this powerful universal power or energy that surrounds all of us. Some have a natural gift to tap into it, but most live without even exploring it. 

With the right training, it is possible for anyone to access their powers and become a practitioner or energy healer. 

Energy healers are trained to balance the energy fields of their patients to improve the wellness of the body, spirit, and mind. 

Practitioners undergo specialized training in different types of therapy such as Reiki,  Qigong, or vibrational training. 

Trainees embarking an an energy education will learn:

  • the history of energy medicine 
  • theories behind energy practices 
  • how to perceive energy fields in the body
  • techniques of energy treatments

The best way to start is with an interactive mentorship that will guide you on the way to get a certification. 

Clinical Shaman offers a way to learn and practice energy medicine across different cultures and traditions. 

You will be able to include them in your daily activities and incorporate them into your practice as an energy practitioner. 

The mentorship program also offers full courses and workshops to cement your foundation as an energy therapist. 

The Empowered & Equipped Empath program teaches you effective energy clearing, grounding, and protection techniques both theoretically and practically. 

All virtual sessions are recorded so you have access to them at any time. The program also includes group meetings, Q&A sessions, as well as expert guest appearances for in-depth training. 

Clinical Shaman is the best way to access your own healing potential with training from the experts. 

With all the chaos and madness around us, there is no time like now to contact us and start your journey into healing yourself and those around you. 

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