Shamanism is a traditional practice of healing individuals and the community. By bringing shamanic healing techniques into the world of medicine, medical practitioners can better help their patients.

Modern medicine can treat injuries and infections, but cannot reach the depths of emotional responses of the patient. From a shamanistic viewpoint, people suffer from an illness due to biological as well as psychosocial reasons. A shamanic practitioner finds those reasons and helps the patient at the core level. Clinical shamanism focuses on the healing aspect of shamanic practices while incorporating them with modern medical techniques.

Where is Shamanism Practiced Today?

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Shamanism is a way of life for its practitioners. It has been in practice since ancient times across lands and cultures. Shamans are found all across the globe. You can visit one in Central Asia, Europe, Siberia, North America, South America, and many other places worldwide.

In the Western system, shamanic practitioners enter the shamanic state of consciousness through drumming or rattling. Entering this trance-like reality and the experiences in this state comprise a shamanic journey. Various studies have confirmed that shamans can help their clinical patients on a deeper level. While patients can find the medical equipment and procedures intimidating, shamanic techniques can help them to remain calm. The healing information can be given to the patient through verbal and nonverbal communication.

How Can You Benefit From Shamanic Training?

If you are a licensed clinician, you can help your patients on a deeper level through shamanic training. You can reach the core of their troubles and understand why they are hurt through a psychosocial perspective. Shamanic healing can also help you in reducing the pain of the patients as you can connect with them keenly. Treating the physical symptoms of your patients as well as their sense of being “dispirited” can help them at a central level.


If you are an unlicensed practitioner and want to help your family, shamanic practices can be useful for you. Looking at your family in distress is painful. Sometimes, the Western medical aspects may not work for illnesses. In such cases, resorting to shamanic healing can help a person feel more balanced and at peace.

If you are dealing with a disease yourself, or get anxious while visiting a doctor, shamanic techniques can help you to stay calm and free yourself from undue tension. Chronic pain and health issues can cause depression and anxiety. It is beneficial to learn shamanic practices to heal yourself in other ways to achieve overall transformation and well-being. Shamanism in a medical setting can improve your psychosocial state, reduce stress, and teach you methods to cope with the illness.

Whether a beginning learner or actively participating in self-mastery, embracing the shamanic ways will truly benefit you. You can learn how to tap into your intuitive gifts and help anyone who is suffering through simple and practical techniques.

What Makes an Online Shamanism Training Course Good?

There are no shortcuts to the exhilarating experience of becoming a shaman practitioner. In an epic online shamanism course, you would get constant support and a safe space to explore the practice. You would be able to build a solid foundation and get the guidance you need to implement the shamanic healing practices into everyday life.

During your course, you would receive core clinical shaman training modules to guide you towards self-mastery. Every topic in the modules will give you comprehensive details about how you can use shamanism to help those in need. 

The energies that you would experience each month can be predicted through astrology forecasts. You will receive these forecasts ahead of time to help you prepare and navigate through energies. To kickstart the contents of your shaman toolbox, virtual interactions will be provided. You would learn about core tools and techniques in these interactions to help you through your training.

There would be instruction and practice in shamanic journeying to guide you towards healing and empowerment. To connect you with other practitioners and learners, meetings of the tribe will cover clearing negative energy, and demonstrate grounding practices that can be used during spiritual work and daily wellbeing.

You can also watch a pre-recorded course with other members of the tribe during a party. You likely have questions during your online shaman training. Zoom calls would be conducted to answer the queries, followed by a group healing for the tribe through shamanic rituals. As a bonus, you would get additional training and support in the “Rattle Me In” section. To enhance your self-mastery and the core concepts of energy, full training programs are available. You can watch them as many times as you want and never worry about their expiration.

What Are the Core Skills Related to Clinical Shamanism?

Getting the right clinical shaman training is important to develop your healing skills. Shamanic journeying can be helpful for patients who are in pain and long to heal internally. With shamanic healing, you can form a deeper connection with the patient. Shaman practitioners can engage the patient in the healing and help them find meaning in their experiences.

How Do I Become a Clinical Shaman?

Whether taken online or in person, most shamanic training classes available today lean more towards history and theory. However, shamanism is known as a practice for a reason – nothing beats a hands-on approach to developing the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to truly pursue your shamanic calling.

Led by Angie Ates, a Full Mesa Shaman, Board Certified Naturopath, Board Certified Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner, and Master Herbalist with the help of a team of certified shamanic professionals, Clinical Shaman offers an unparalleled practical virtual experience. 

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From a complete beginner to a licensed clinician, people from all walks of life stand to benefit from a Clinical Shaman membership. With a focus on integrating the traditional with the modern, a shamanic membership focuses on ways to apply shamanism to your daily routine through a series of monthly sessions, guided exercises, and contact sessions with experienced practitioners.

While some online offerings offer little in the way of tangible real-world advice, resources, or results, Clinical Shaman presents a clear path toward certification or simply incorporating shamanism into your life.

Clinical Shaman is helping people step into their calling as a healer, overcome the stigma associated with shamanism, and integrate Shamanistic practices into their everyday life. Learn how in their Shamanism Membership.

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