Clinical Shaman

Clinical Shaman

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Angie Ates is dedicated to empowering, equipping and ultimately transforming others thru education, whether via speaking, training, or hands-on Shamanic work.
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    Become a Shamanic Practitioner

    If you are looking to become an Everyday Shaman while avoiding the overly spiritual, falsetto side of the industry,

    this membership is for you:

    • Licensed Clinicians

      who don’t know how to go deep enough to help their clients.

    • Unlicensed Practitioners

      who want to be able to help their family and themselves, especially if traditional western medical aspects aren't working.

    • Anyone

      Anyone who wants to understand what an Everyday Shaman really is, how to use their skills effectively, and when is the right time to achieve self-mastery.

    Avoid obscurity, lack of clarity, lack of trust, to step into your calling of the Shamanic Way. Harness the power of shamanic journeying and how it can connect you with many sources of guidance and inspiration to tap into your own intuitive gifts and manifest positive outcomes for yourself and others.

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