Clinical Shaman



If you’re a healer ready to embrace Medical Intuitive skills and get deeper, sustainable results, then join Angie Ates-Clark, shamanic healer, naturopath, author and entrepreneurial wellness expert for this intimate retreat.

As you walk into the 2-story colonial home surrounded by nature you feel your shoulders drop and heart open as the frequencies embrace you. A surge of utter knowing courses down your entire being as you recognize the co-creation of sustainable transformation is standing before you. This is the first step of Being your own kind of BOLD.

Tears of joy streak down your face as you feel the rejuvenation of your body, mind and spirit begin. In a miraculous instant, your old tired ways of being begin to melt away and an epic feeling of inner freedom washes over you.

You have stepped into becoming a Clinical Shaman.

What is a Clinical Shaman™?

The ultimate integrator of all medicines. The Clinical Shaman™ identifies the disease patterns and symptoms’ emotional and spiritual aspects and guides the body to self-healing.

Who is a Clinical Shaman™?

The Clinical Shaman™ has clinical experience in holistic, functional, and/or integrative care. They know the body systems and patterns of dysfunction. They recognize that supplements and lifestyle adjustments alone do not solve their client’s challenges. The Clinical Shaman™ recognizes frequency medicine is vital for bridging the gap between Allopathic, Alternative, and Complementary care.

They quickly utilize their 'Clairsenses' to identify the emotional and/or spiritual root cause of the client's symptoms and dis-ease patterns and then guide the client to self-healing.

How does a Clinical Shaman™ do ‘it’?

They have learned to:

Benefits of Clinical Shaman™ Retreat


RECAP: 3 nights accommodations, 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, *2 dinners - 24/7 immersion *One evening planned for a local meal excursion at your own expense.

$1997.00 - one time pay / 416.67 x 6 months

What is not included:


Larona M

What an amazing experience it was, life changing really! I learned so much and came away with the ability to stay centered and at peace no matter what is going on in my life or in this world. I highly recommend this retreat with Angie & Team.

Tammy B

Where to start with this program! I loved that we had to dig deep into us and figure out how to get out of our own way. I loved figuring out who I was best suited for to help. I liked working at my own pace, but still having deadlines.

Lisa C

I have always doubted my healing abilities and had trouble standing in my power. Angie helps us dig through the layers that keep us from being who Great Spirit of Light and Love created us to be. I have taken many energy courses in the past years but I received so much more in this course than all the others combined. It was a combination of experiencing energy through active exercises that focused on self growth and also to help others preparing us to live in this 3D world and yet stand in our power of who we are as healers. Angie is creating is a community of people who support one another on their journey and who will change the world!

About Angie Ates-Clark

Angie Ates-Clark is an international speaker and founder of the Institute of Holistic Integrative Studies. She is known for “shaking up the status quo” and inspiring people to take action, helping them achieve unprecedented results.

She spent over 20 years in Corporate Executive Leadership, where she was recognized for talent acquisition and succession planning strategies; while managing over $40 million in annual revenue.

After multiple autoimmune diagnosis, she repurposed her life, educating herself on integrative healthcare options, including frequency energy medicine. She has profitably owned multiple holistic clinics, which have served over 5000 clients.

Angie has trained over 10,000 healing arts professionals internationally and has been featured in over 250 training videos, multiple Dr. Summits, and international Documentary Series presentations. She is frequently featured on the Alternative Health Tools podcast.

Angie is a 4-time international best-selling author and owns OBX Wellness Studio in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Whether you are experiencing frequency medicine sessions with Angie or listening to her live or virtual, you will feel her passion as she aligns with her inner knowledge to guide your healing journey.

She resides with her husband, Don, on Roanoke Island in North Carolina.


We offer our Clinical Shaman Retreat 2x per year located on the Outer Banks, NC. In the Spring and then again in the Fall.

NO! Due to the deep immersion and determined outcomes, we can only allow up to our limited number as indicated. This is not a ‘sell to the masses’ type of experience. This is a transformational experience threaded throughout a modality integration.

Yes! A true transformational immersion is benefited by the group staying in a protected healing space. This allows us vulnerability and healing throughout the experience versus the abrupt thrust into the world to process the experience.

All but one. We will dine out for one of our meals to enjoy the local culture and environment. All other meals and snacks are included in the fee schedule.

Yes, you may. We will do our best to accommodate all meal requirements. Remember that the meals will be aligned with high vibrational and healing options. There is no ‘cheap’ food at this retreat. The foods are selected based on the activities and support needed.

YES, however, there are no refunds or credits offered. We only desire those committed to growth. We recognize that situations occur, and upon board approval, a transfer of monies to the next retreat may be possible.

Yes, we provide you a list 30 days before the event to ensure you have plenty of time to secure the items. There are a few items we suggest you obtain immediately so you have time to ‘practice’ with them. Those details are provided in a ‘Let’s get started ‘ email.

Norfolk, VA, is about 2 hours, and Raleigh/Durham is about 3 hours. We will coordinate flights to offer a consolidated way to get from the airports. This arrangement is confirmed 90 days before the retreat so everyone can secure flights.

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