Clinical Shaman


Angie Ates

Angie Ates is dedicated to empowering, equipping and ultimately transforming others thru education, whether via speaking, training, or hands-on Shamanic work.
  • Angie Ates

    Clinical Shaman Founder, Speaker, and Educator

In many ways, Angie Ates has lived just as many lives as she has touched. Marrying her leadership experience as a corporate executive with her shamanic calling, Angie founded an inclusive community of inspirited and inspired shamanic practitioners — the Clinical Shaman tribe.

A talented public speaker — amongst other gifts — Angie uses her platform to change the way shamanism is perceived in the modern era and, most importantly, change lives. As a motivational speaker, Angie’s words are imbued with a unique blend of her signature wisdom, warmth, and wit. However, with her affinity for human connection, Angie redefines motivational speaking itself — laying the foundation for an empathy-based approach as an intuitive speaker.

While Angie holds numerous certifications, it is her passion for the human experience that drives her to educate and empower others. From her battles with finding her true self and accepting her shamanic calling as a young girl to her fight against auto-immune disease, Angie’s extensive life experience has been instrumental in helping her foster deep and meaningful relationships with her audience.

To date, Angie has cared for well over 5,000 clients and trained over 10,000 shamanic practitioners the world over. With a focus on integrated medicine and holistic health, Angie’s approach to shamanism resonates with individuals from all walks of life and has contributed toward her success as a Natural Health Practitioner.

International Speaker and a Trainer

Angie is an International speaker and has trained over 10K Practitioners worldwide. She has worked with over 5k clients internationally and is featured in over 200 natural health training videos.