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Thank you so much Dr. Angie. I love your spirit and your energy. You are the bomb! We love your trainings.

Brenda Titus


I was able to realize my worth and value. I took MAJOR leaps in my personal life and am sooooo much happier for it! I-Sight 2020 was where it all began. It was scary but I learned that I AM WORTH IT!

Nicky M


Since I have worked through the I-Sight 2020 training I have discovered I am worth it. If I really want something the only thing holding me back is me.

Larona M


What an amazing experience it the S.C.H.I.T. event was, life changing really! I learned so much and came away with the ability to stay centered and at peace no matter what is going on in my life or in this world. I highly recommend this retreat with Angie & Team.

Tammy Barnes

Natural Health Practitioner

Where to start with the I-Sight Program! I loved that we had to dig deep into us and figure out how to get out of our own way. I loved figuring out who I was best suited for to help. The office hours were amazing. The time to ask questions and not feel like I was dumb for not knowing things, or being confused on what to do. I like that it is a small group and I feel like we get to know each other ever though some of us have never met in person and maybe never will. I liked working at my own pace, but still having deadlines. The mixture of video and live made me feel like I was important enough to actually have Angie take the time to be live

Megan Wagner


I have attended several Academy Epic events in the 12-15 months, and I can honestly say that each one has been truly unique. I just attended the Intuitive Healer course in St. Louis, and also attended this same event last year in April 2018. I knew going in that it would be not only an unforgettable experience but also one that would be totally unique and tailored to our special group. I knew I would not be getting a repeat, but something I needed, and something that would be incredibly valuable to me right now, and down the road. Last year’s event was remarkable…it’s own special way. This year’s event was another epic event, a completely different but incredible experience. Not to mention sold out! You can’t walk into an event with Dr. Angie and not feel loved and supported, and what sets her and Academy Epic apart from the rest is that she tunes into what’s going on in the room and just goes with it, regardless of what the “plan” may have been. And that’s another refreshing thing…no class agenda when you walk through the door, no pre/ post-tests or surveys, no boring PowerPoint lectures. The start time is established, but those of us who have attended events in the past all know that the end time is “to be determined.” It’s ended when the time is right to end it, whether that’s on time, early, or two hours past the estimated end time. I’m always in awe of what I take away from these events, and this one was no different. I certainly gained some insights this year that was different from last year, because it’s what I needed, and what resonates with me now. Let’s face it, we all have “stuff” going on, and what was going on last year is different this year. Last year’s event was what I needed then. This year’s event was what I need ed now (and built and expanded on what I learned and experienced last year). These experiences are truly those of personal growth and transformation. I don’t know anyone who walked away from the event feeling unenergized, unequipped, or unempowered. Angie is truly a giver, a lover, a sharer, and she doesn’t hold back. I’ve been blessed with her gifts, and so have countless others. The support and the connections made through Academy Epic events are priceless. My support network has grown three-fold since joining the Academy Epic Community. It is a must-have in my toolbelt and creates a space for openness, loads of great information and resources, and empowerment. I’m in the helping profession but I’m not a natural/alternative health practitioner. I’m a mom. I’m a wife. I’m a daughter. I’m a friend. I’m a neighbor. I’m someone who loves to help and share with others. I’m a business owner that wants my business to thrive. There’s no judgment about what you do for a living, where you came from, or why you came. It’s simply a place of openness and love, and I’m forever grateful!



Coming into this event I was thinking to myself, “Why not go and see what He has in store for you to learn, you already paid for it” …literally, shoulder shrug and all. I had read the materials and watched some of the videos to prepare but in all actuality, my life was spinning at a pace that was preventing me from truly diving into the materials like I “thought” I needed to. So, off I went to Arnold Missouri with questions and doubts swirling in my head.

When I arrived, it was something to be in a strange and unknown world with those who had been practicing this type of healing. I was a bit overwhelmed and totally out of my comfort zone… but oddly enough I had this peace as He was telling me to, “Just wait for it.” So, after the first night, God and I had a brief conversation that went something like this, “I miss my pal, she should be here but thank you for her beautiful presence regardless…and Lord I am going to listen to Dr. Angie and her peeps but you know how impatient I am…” On the second day I woke up and just started going with the flow, why I have no earthly idea, but I was open to receive what was in store. Joy Bacon was there, she is a beautiful soul might I add, I purchased the pendulum that spoke to me and we began. I could feel the shift and the knowledge start pour in. It was amazing…. still strange but amazing. That day was full of new experiences, new vocabulary words so I knew now what all the “odd” things were to be called, belief corrections, and most importantly for me the presence of Jesus. I was starting to completely understand why, despite all the chaos in my life, I was there.

By the end of the third day after, all the questions were answered, teachings completed, a practice done, and let me tell you about the praying. My dear friend cried out by text to Dr. Angie for help…I can only compare it to kneeling at Jesus’ feet and feeling His presence, I was truly filled. So, hindsight being 20/20, I’m glad I listened and just jumped in the car and went. I know now that I can stand in my power given to me by Him and I will tell the naysayers when they come, “Thank you for your opinion” and snap that “stuff” right on out of my way!

Blessings to you all!

Tracy Mueller

Hermann, Mo

I wanted to share what a GREAT experience I had this past weekend at the Intuitive Healer Event in Arnold, Mo. First off it was well worth the money. It was great getting to look over the coursework online beforehand. And I will always being able to have it for future use!
The energy and love that enveloped us as soon as we entered was awesome! It is just an amazing feeling being so connected with others that have the same mindset. Soul sisters and brothers for life.

The one-on-one practice sessions we did really bought home what I can do! I am a hands-on learner so the live events are great! I grew spiritually and mentally.

Angie has a way of connecting that is just life-changing. And when she gets to beating her drum and chanting there’s no telling what kind of experience you will have, but it will be EPIC

Thank you for a great weekend that restored my soul

Tammy Gillam


After being at the Intuitive Healer class the last 3 days I feel like a butterfly who shed a cocoon with an inner peace in my soul that I have not felt in years. I have an energy funnel pouring in my head calling me to spread my newly formed and hardened wings which have been created so I can explore my next new chapter of my life. I am thrilled, I am stable, I am blessed, I am strong. I am connected to God energy in a way like never before.

This event included skill building and hands on activities which helped me integrate new tools with confidence. I walked away with new skills that put into place day 1 in my clinic. These new tools help me protect my own energy field and help me further empower clients. I am grateful for Academy Epic.

Thank you for supporting my journey.

Julie Johnson


The Intuitive Healer event was a phenomenal life-changing experience for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This was my first Academy Epic event and it won’t be my last. From the moment I enrolled the teaching and learning began, first with the online predatory coursework EEE, then with the event itself. THE EVENT……. three days of the brightest light love and energy beyond imagination. Angie was phenomenal, the presenters were phenomenal, every soul in attendance was phenomenal.

I attended this event for personal growth, thinking I would learn a few things, get more in touch with my emotions and how to better cope with them, and perhaps help those around me……. Holy Moly……. I can use a pendulum, clear my chakras, clear someone else chakras, feel the energy of others, project my energy or pull it back in, and so much more…. a lot more! Every moment was about growth, exchange of energy, experiencing and practicing, no judgment……. Love.

International Speaker and a Trainer

Angie is an International speaker and has trained over 10K Practitioners worldwide. She has worked with over 5k clients internationally and is featured in over 200 natural health training videos.