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Katie Gartner


I attended the Intuitive Healer live event through Academy Epic for the second time and was once again blown away! Angie has a gift at not only speaking but teaching in a way that is intriguing and memorable. I didn’t quite know what to expect as I know each AE live event is different than the last and even though I had attended this same event last year, this one was all new and so incredible! I learned so much about energy and how to use it in my natural health practice. This is something I know is so important in order to achieve results and yet it is so hard to find solid training on. I am forever grateful to Angie for sharing her knowledge and training those that want to grow their gifts. One of the many things that sets Angie apart is how she incorporates personal growth into everything she offers which I have learned in invaluable! Her practical and hands on approach creates a learning environment that truly equips for situations in the real world. I was able to immediately incorporate what I had learned at home with my children and in the office with my clients. That doesn’t happen very often! I have to say that in all the trainings, seminars and conferences I have been to, one of the many things that sets Academy Epic apart in all that they offer is the option for continuing support. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN! And yet Angie goes out of her way to be sure anyone that has trained under her has the opportunity for further support if they so choose to use it. This is priceless! I am truly grateful to Angie for continuing to offer the Intuitive Healer events and all the events she offers for that matter. Academy Epic trainings and live events are heartfelt, packed with useful, everyday information and are above all else FUN! I am thankful to be apart of the Academy Epic community, and it really is a community, with people that want to support and uplift each other, also another rare and special thing about Academy Epic and Angie. Thank you Angie for all you do to support and uplift those around you. You really are a gift and I can’t wait for the next event!

Thank you thank you thank you!

International Speaker and a Trainer

Angie is an International speaker and has trained over 10K Practitioners worldwide. She has worked with over 5k clients internationally and is featured in over 200 natural health training videos.